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6,000 Vehicles Held Hostage by Guatemala Customs

Article Summary:

Used car importers in Guatemala are frustrated with the country’s new value added tax reforms which set into place a new tariff table for taxable vehicles. As a result, Guatemala customs has seized 6,000 vehicles which have irregular documents or lack a bill of sale, further frustrating importers.

photo Credit: El Periodico

Original Article Text From El Periodico via Google Translate :

Six Thousand Vehicles are Stuck in Customs

“The queues of vehicles coming to the Mexican side, and the new Superintendent of Tax Administration must show willingness to resolve the conflict”, required importers of used cars that actually took steps to new tax obligations.

Importers American road blocked at the height of the Tejar, Chimaltenango, in protest at reforms Value Added Tax (VAT), which sets a table of values ​​taxable vehicles.

Miguel Gutierrez, new owner of the SAT, said that to continue the negotiating table used vehicle importers have to actually lay down measures and discuss possible solutions within the law.

Colas and proposals
For 13 days, Customs has built a dam of 6 000 vehicles have irregular documents or lack of bills, and to comply within 20 days may be auctioned by the SAT, Gutierrez said.

“The business of the SAT is to raise, not be parking,” said the official, for each day that passes a vehicle in the office must pay about Q100.

The SAT can bid on the vehicles, but the change has already lost and the importer does not matter that auctioned off, Nelson said Escalante, a representative of the Union of Vehicle Importers who asked Gutierrez to demonstrate good will to solve the problem and give the extension.

Gutierrez said the proposals not being prepared to discuss with importers of used vehicles and servicers of customs, which must be approved by the board.

Escalante offers 3 points: (1) the temporary suspension of the table of values, (2) to develop a new, (3) and the SAT set an exact date for the entry into force of the First Registration Tax (Iprima .)

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