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A New Strategy: Guatemala Offers Warranty for New Investments

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After 40 days in office, Guatemalan President Otto Perez is challenging his country to address the needs of entrepreneurs, business and improve existing trade partners, as well as find a suitable growing environment for new businesses. His plan to achieve this; provide a warranty to investors.

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Guatemala: President Otto Perez warranty for new investments

“We will find ways to have the cooperation and to address the needs of entrepreneurs, business and trade we have with the U.S., to find a suitable growing environment to continue business,” offered on Wednesday President Otto Perez Molina to members of the Guatemalan American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham).

The president recalled, at a breakfast organized by the camera, that trade in Guatemala to the U.S. represents 40% of Guatemalan and that this nation is its main trading partner, as promised guarantees for businesses of entrepreneurs in this country continue.

The president stressed the adoption of the tax update, the launch of the Zero Hunger covenant and the creation of the Ministry of Social Development as three of the greatest achievements in the nearly 40 days in office.

He added that, if necessary, participate personally in the negotiations to attract investment to rural areas, in places where there is conflict for some projects.

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Economy Minister Sergio de la Torre, said he will promote the passage of the microfinance and mutual guarantees in Congress to encourage access to credit for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Another initiative that will boost, he said, is the law of investment incentives.

During the conference, some members asked Perez Molina on transparency and education, which the president replied that created the Department of Control and Transparency and Zero Hunger to the pact is looking for a comprehensive intervention affecting more children in schools to combat malnutrition.

Ambassador promises collaboration. “The truth is there are many actions that the government has taken in 40 days. It notes the desire to make significant reforms and we will work with them and complement their efforts, because we have a strong commitment to Guatemala on several issues, “said Arnold Chacon, U.S. ambassador.

Meanwhile, the executive director of AmCham, Carolina Castellanos, said employers showed signs of confidence that there are “good” expectations of the members of the chamber through the presentation by the president and the ministers of Interior and Finance. “It is creating a climate of confidence for doing business in Guatemala,” he said.

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