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Aerotropolis: Guatemala Dreams Big with Urban Airport City Concept

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What is an Aerotropolis? It’s a new urban form of placing airports in the center with cities growing around them, connecting workers, suppliers, executives, and goods to the global marketplace. The much under-used military base of San Jose is slated to become Guatemala’s first experimental Aerotropolis and if successful, the government plans to roll out five more of these hybrid cities across the nation.

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DGAC drives aerotropolis

These cities, of which Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, is the best example, are cities that offer all the logistics of transportation, communications, factories, warehouses, offices and housing, among others.

Odra Lacs, FAA spokeswoman, said the runway of San José, in the military base of the same name, is the first of five locations that seeks to transform. Next on the list Puerto Barrios, the area of ​​the Mayan World, Quetzaltenango and Retalhuleu.

So far, with World Bank funding are studies to determine the costs to bring this track and turn it into a commercial airport. It is expected that by the end of the year, said study concludes.

According Lacs, San Jose track has 2000 8 meters long and 43 meters wide, but it needs to extend at least three thousand meters in length so they can land commercial and cargo aircraft.

Furthermore, according to the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization is required to have an emergency team to handle a group of specialized firefighters, lights on the track and support services touchdown.

It has information that a local bank is to move to a neighboring building, which would be a step in the provision of services related to travelers.

As part of the strategy and joined the work table with the participation of the tourism cluster San Jose, Parachute Association, the Municipality and the hotel industry entrepreneurs.

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