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Antigua: The Perfect Place for an Escape

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Antigua has everything to offer travelers, whether going for a weekend or for a month-long language course, here’s what travel blogger Natalie Compagno, from My LA Lifestyles, thinks is the best of the best of Antigua.

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Angelic Antigua

Antigua, Guatemala is a heavenly place, nestled in the mountains thirty minutes above Gautemala City. The clouds that often swirl around the cobbled stone streets complete this ethereal experience. Antigua has everything to offer travelers, whether going for a weekend or for a month long language course. Charming boutique hotels dominate the town and the food is so good you keep thinking you’re in five star Michelin restaurants (but for an eighth of the price!).

The architecture is lovely, one of the best preserved colonial towns in Central America, the people friendly and the art is stunning. If you love Central American handicrafts then you know that “hecho en guatemala” means quality and beauty and Antigua is the town to buy or view the best of the local artists. Whenever I mention Antigua to someone who’s been there they always sigh and get a far away look in their eyes. The magic of it never fades.

Here’s the best of the best.

Posada Del Angel for cozy charm and antiques and art in every room.

Other favorites are:
Casa Santo Domingo set in an old convent and is also a museum.
El Convento is also in an old convent and has gorgeous rooms and luscious beds and baths.

Hector’s. Don’t question. Just go.
Bistro Cinq. Seafood. Absinthe. Atmosphere.
Cafe de la Escalonia. A gorgeous and authentic guatemalan cuisine cafe set in a nursery. Plants that is.

Casa de Artes
Worth the walk and the money. This is the only place to get real art and souvenirs that will last.

Antigua is calling. I adored this town and could go back endlessly.

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