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Countries Where You Can Buy Residency for Close to Nothing

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Have between and $600 to $1000 to spend a month, then here is a list of countries in which you can buy residency pretty darn cheap.

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Countries You Can (cheaply) Buy Your Way Into

A few days ago I posted about countries that will let you live there if you show a modest income from abroad. I got curious and asked Reddit’s /r/IWantOut community for more information. While many of the suggestions were unsourced, some provided references and they’re awesome. Got $20,000 US? Are you 35 years old or older? Retire in the Phillipines via the SRRV program. Hell, my wife and I could cash out our brand-new business and probably survive quite nicely in the Phillipines. (My wife would kill me for suggesting this, though).

Or maybe Thailand tickles your fancy. You can retired there on a roughly $1,500 a month income, though a large enough deposit in a bank around will get around this. Thai salaries appear to range around 300 to 800 a month, on average, so you could definitely survive on this, but everything I read suggests you’ll need a minimum of $1,000 a month or more to get by.

Is Ecuador more interesting? They have a variety of visas, including a pensioner’s visa requiring a minimum income of $800 a month.

Malaysia’s My Second Home program was also mentioned. I’ve written about it before. If you have around $150,000 in the bank and can show roughly a $3,000 a month income, you can move there.

A mere $600 a month will let you retire in Nicaragua. The minimum retirement age is 45, but Nicaragua will waive that requirement if you can show a stable income. And assuming that income is from outside of Nicaragua, it’s also tax free.

I also tried to find decent information about African countries, but as usual, it eludes me (other than a $1 million investment visa for South Africa). Still, for those looking for adventure and can figure out a remote income, you have many, many options. Obviously, some will be more “adventurous” than others, such as in Thailand, a beautiful country that can’t quite shake the coup rumors, but if you’re willing to accept a little risk, there’s a lot of reward, too. I’ve a great life here in France that I wouldn’t trade for anything, but were I single and not a father, I think I’d become a nomad and start exploring these places. It’s a big world out there.

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  • Robert in Vancouver

    Lots of articles about this topic, but the writers never give crucial details about what kind of income will qualify you to be a resident or retiree.

    Some countries only accept government pensions as your monthly income. If you have $20,000 per month in investment income but no government pension, they won’t accept you.

    It would be nice for one of these writers to do some proper research then post something worthwhile reading.

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