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Double the Amount of Cruise Ships Coming to Guatemala

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Guatemala is upping its game in the cruise ship competition category, as the country has more than doubled its scheduled dockings for the 2012-2013 cruise season at 72 confirmed ships.

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More Cruise Ships Arrive in the Country
The Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (Inguat) reported that the figure represents more than 24 boats in the 2011-2012 season.

According to Peter Duchez, director of Inguat, with the arrival of these ships are expected about 86 thousand 300 tourists, with an average daily expenditure of U.S. $ 120 per person.

Last season the number of vessels was 48 and visitors in this way was 59 000 983.

The sector expects to recover from a slump that began to notice four years ago, since in the 2008-2009 season reached 107 ships docked in 2009-2010 after 94, 2010-2011, 62, and 2011 -2012, 48.

The floor began to reflect due to the economic crisis of 2008 to boosting tax collection $ 10 per person, which was later suspended, and worsened later by administrative difficulties led to poor treatment of tourists in the Port Terminal Quetzal and discomfort of cruise companies.

These situations prompted companies to Princess Cruises, Holland America and Norwegian Cruise reduce or suspend their arrivals to the country.

According Duchez this year, Celebrity Cruises will send 12 ships, Carnival Cruises and Holland America also send ships to the country. He said he also sent his cruisers Phoenix, Zara, Silver Seas and others.

Leonel Azurdia, a businessman who serves cruise tourists, said that the damage to be revived tax of $ 10 was too big and recovery is slow, since the date the country should receive 150 ships.

The Inguat believe that in 2015 achieved 2008 levels and will reach 110 cruises. Azurdia said tourism services are prepared and waiting for public safety and adequate road access.

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