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Ecotourism Taking Hold in Agua Caliente, Guatemala

Article Summary:

Working with local residents and government officials from the National Protected Areas Council of Guatemala, Agua Caliente, located in the Rio Dulce National Park, will soon be a destination for ecotourism travelers.

Photo Credit: Prensa Libre

Original Article Text From Prensa Libre via Google Translate :

Planned ecotourism projects Agua Caliente site in Izabal

This project seeks to consolidate a plan to seek the sustainable management of natural resources, the tourist site of Agua Caliente.

The tourist site is intended to operate in a sustainable manner is located in the Rio Dulce National Park and has a tropical rainforest including endangered expecies as the manatee.

The ecotourism project includes community participation will be trained through various governmental groups and civil society stakeholders in the project.

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