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Fears of Land Fraud Have Guatemalans Running to Register Their Land

Article Summary:

Recent arrests over land fraud and increased criminal gang activity inside Guatemala’s General Registry of Real Property has caused a 49% upsurge in property registration. Once registered, land cannot be bought or sold for three years.

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Original Article Text From Siglo 21 via Google Translate :

Increased Immobilization of Land and Houses

The need to protect their homes and property has led the Guatemalans to use the immobilization process in the General Register of Real Property. This operation is for 3 years for those assets can not be bought and sold.

The current administration has shown a growing interest in this type of protection in the headquarters of the entity. In January there were 11 detentions, February 26, March 32 and April 65.

This means that in April alone reported 49% growth in the use of this security tool.

According to the owner of record, Anabella de Leon, one of its main objectives is the dramatic battle against corruption, both internally and externally, but said that so far no abnormalities were detected inside.

“On the outside have captured 3 people in less than 2 months, members of criminal gangs, and if I find a corrupted in the registry, not just dismiss it but it will proceed with a lawsuit,” he said.

Biometric Security
The Registration Section Chief, Sarai Pelaez, explained that the procedure for a person secures their property is easy and safe. Having entered the property, the owners asked to identify, in addition to the documents to ensure that it is itself, as well as phone numbers.

He takes a picture at a time and then the applicant must pay Q160 to immobilize the property for 3 years.

Also recorded the fingerprints of all ten fingers, creating a unique personal biocode. Pelaez said: “Although the law states that only a trace log, we ask that the 10 to validate the ownership of the property and try to desinmovilizarlo are asked to put any finger on the choice of registration in order to provide greater security.

This allows if you accidentally lose a finger, you can count on others properly filed, “he said.

Tools at your service
The said register for this operation established in the Law of Registered Goods Volunteer Immobilization, passed by Congress, have created 3 tools that guarantee to reduce fraud and theft of property. The first one is aimed at solicitors, which at the time the registry receives a deed executed by an attorney, you are notified by a text message or email to tell if the professional has signed and authorized the document.

The second is a service to the owner and has a value of Q150 and paid to fill out a form, which allows the record to notify you via text message or email the entry of a document that seeks to make a move in the well-documented , alerting the true owner to be present to confirm or deny the request.

And the last is the administrative detention. This means that if a notary is disqualified by the entity in charge of this issue, registration issues a warning that whoever document to be signed or authorized by this professional, dispensing and proceed to investigate the case (read: Reinforcement required ) .

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