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Guatemala’s Premier Hotels Unify, Create Network of Cameras to Monitor Tourist Safety.

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Security officials responsible for over 300 exclusive international hotel chains who belong to the Hotel Security Council of Guatemala have begun using a systematic network of cameras and communication centers to monitor tourists, prominent tourist locations, hotels and important corridors to prevent theft. The Council monitors activities at La Aurora International Airport, the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism and many hotels.

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Hotels Trigger Safety to Prevent Crime

Security officials in five star hotels and international chains affiliated with Hotel Security Council of Guatemala (Cosehogua) say the plan is comprised of monitoring cameras and a direct communication network with over 300 establishments to monitor from the inside and perimeter tourist centers, like the path of the corridor between the capital, Sacatepéquez and Escuintla.

Cosehogua executives mentioned that the model has yielded positive results in major cities of Colombia, so it will be implemented in Guatemala and assisted with skills acquired by security specialists hotels in Israel.

Byron Heredia, Cosehogua president, said the goal is to join efforts in crime prevention by involving staff of tourist facilities through a communications network to denounce suspects attempting to steal vehicles, assaulting a person or roam the place.

He said the union does not rule out the involvement of neighborhood security committees and local boards of safety, as well as the Municipal Police of Tourism of Antigua Guatemala, because the strategy will begin the last week of January, in coordination with the police Civil and National City Transit, the Public Ministry, the private sector of the colonial city and hotels Cosehogua members.

Respondents indicated that the authorities are willing to cooperate, since during the first contacts were concerned about vehicle theft, as well as harassment and assaults on tourists.

Fredy Monterroso, of Cosehogua, said communication system and cameras will be available to the authorities and citizens, as one of the objectives is to support the efforts of the current government, for which prevention scheme presented by the communication network .

“Last year was a statistically high rates of assaults were reported in Costa Rica, and a thousand 82 robberies occurred in that country. Guatemala reported only 360 robberies, and where most people make is in Antigua “, said Monterroso and said the camera system and communication network is a factor that will help counter those facts.

According to Ms. Ortiz, director of Intelfom Colombia, seek strategic alliances with other tourism entities, as the strategic communications network has yielded positive results in several Colombian cities important to handle alerts the police for 13 years.

“We have worked closely with the Police, it is a support to them and even lifeguards, because with the push of a button activates an alert to all members, and for this case follow a security protocol that will monitor events “said Ortiz.

According to executives, first prevent theft, one of the most common crimes anywhere in the world. The plan calls for vigilance from La Aurora International Airport, the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism and hotels.

The next step is to add project Izabal and Santa Rosa, as it has links to the Tourist Police of El Salvador. “With the snap rings in different municipalities we achieved a net 10 000 people in the streets. The plan is proactive, not reactive, in which all rely, “said Ortiz, an expert in communication and security in Colombia.

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