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Guatemala: $11.5 Million to Link Discarded Railroad to La Aurora Airport

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Spanish technicians are examining the feasibility of linking a discarded railway between the La Aurora International Airport and Antigua Guatemala. The route would depart from behind the airport and run around the borders of the city, and would feed into intermediate stations and suburban transportation as well.

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Assess Feasibility for the Former Railway

Next week will come to Guatemala a Spanish delegation of experts on railway lines in order to do a feasibility study to install a train from La Aurora International Airport drive to the city of Antigua Guatemala.

The Controller of Railways Guatemala (FEGUA), Carlos Samayoa, said July 16 the Spanish technicians will come to assess the country’s conditions and the feasibility of a journey that would leave the airport and back, along the banks of the city, intermediate stations would be fed up by extra-urban transport.

“If you do, be very good for Guatemala, although it is difficult to know how much it costs,” anticipates Samayoa.

FEGUA also plans to revive some of the old railway line that leads from the central station to the areas 18 and 21 of the capital city.

However, the situation FEGUA currently in limbo awaiting the country pay about $ 11.5 million after it lost the case before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) for the trial that brought Railroad Development Corporation ( RDC ) to alleged breaches of a contract.

In 1997, the government of Alvaro Arzu gave a concession to the U.S. company ( RDC ), majority shareholder of Railways, to work the way for the next 50 years, but in 2007 Oscar Berger said the grant harmful and they canceled the contract . That was the source of the problem that triggered the trial.

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