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Guatemala – 38 Tax Agreements and Counting

Article Summary:

Guatemala has signed 38 tax information exchange agreements in its continued effort to exit the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development gray list and France’s black list of countries which are classified as tax havens.

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Arturo Gutierrez: “We leave the list”

Miguel Arturo Gutierrez, head of the Tax Authority (SAT), explained the importance of these agreements, which will be held in Paris, France.

What is the agreement?
It is an information exchange agreement with Guatemala to take the gray list of tax havens list.

Secondly we will announce table money laundering, given that it has not been approved by the Bank Secrecy Act. The SAT exchange information with other tax administrations.

What is to be pursued?
First, deal with tax issues, as there is a simulation of operation and costs (tax evasion) and money laundering. There is an exchange of two-way information.

How to classify Guatemala?
We are a country that is still in last place in the blacklist and these agreements move to an intermediate place for the exchange of information on tax transparency.

What does this deal mean?
Guatemala enhance its profile as a destination for foreign investment, fiscal transparency and foreign policy.

New cost control
In Congress, pending the approval of the Bank Secrecy Act, which collate information from taxpayers in the financial system.

Guatemala is perceived as a country that facilitates the exchange of tax information.

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