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Guatemala: 600 Small Hotels Band Together in New Business Model

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Over 150 representatives of Guatemala’s network of 600 small hotels have banded together to sell the concept of being seen as a single unit in the tourism sector at a regional level to the National Tourism Institute of Guatemala.

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Celebrate X Forum AC Small Hotels

The X Central American Small Hotels Forum meets for two days (yesterday and today, Friday), over 150 representatives of the tourism sector in the region, whose central theme is electronic commerce and the use of social networks.

The event, which takes place in the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (Inguat), seeks to improve the technical and professional quality of tourism services, especially for small hotels.

The head of the Product Development Division, the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (Inguat), Heidi Palma , points out that this forum updated and provides tools for employers on the part of marketing to be marketed individually for a better way.

Support and Training
“The idea is that entrepreneurs are sold as a single string at the regional level and that any tourist is the concept that can be connected to a chain of hotels at a good price and excellent quality,” said Maria Mercedes Rabanales, a member of Board Small Hotels.

Inguat director, Peter Duchez, said it is important to invest in training of small and medium entrepreneurs in the tourism industry to offer a more competitive product.

In figures
600 business are in the group of the Federation of Small Hotels

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