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Guatemala: 60,000 Visitors for Easter

Article Summary:

Typical Guatemalan Easter processions brought 60,000 visitors to the country who in turn generated $25 million in foreign exchange, a 6% increase over the previous year.

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Reactive Tourism Economy

Thousands of tourists Mexicans, Salvadorans, American, European and national this week flooded the streets of Antigua Guatemala and the historical center of the capital to accompany the traditional processions.

“We estimate that more than 60 thousand tourists from southern Mexico, Central America, U.S. and some European countries to generate foreign exchange around U.S. $ 25 million over the five days, “explains Molly Acevedo, deputy director of the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (Inguat).

According Inguat, foreign tourism will grow by 6 percent from the 56 thousand 700 tourists entered the country at Easter last year, although still below the more than 61 000 visitors recorded in 2010.

“The expectation is positive,” said Acevedo, who notes that the Antigua Guatemala, is the most visited during the week higher as receive about a million and a half domestic and foreign tourists.

Full occupancy
The national hotel industry is directly perceived by the influx of tourists, which ensures that the 3 000 035 hotels in the country have an occupancy rate of 80 percent of its more than 49 000 rooms.

Trend that will continue during the offseason after Easter, according to Alfonso Muralles, executive director of the Sustainable Tourism Commission of the Guatemalan Association of Exporters (Agexport).

“We are quite optimistic as there are considerable reservations for May and June are usually not,” said Muralles.

Summer Sun
Not only do the processions attract tourists, also the beaches will be flooded with hundreds of holidaymakers who will use the break to take a respective dose of summer sun

The estimated Inguat Pacific beaches receive more than 400 thousand people and a similar number visit destinations such as Lake Atitlan in Solola, Rio Dulce, Playa Dorada, Livingston, Punta de Palma and Puerto Barrios in Izabal and the island Flores, Petén.

“The national tourist is flooding the beaches during this Holy Week and is characterized by being a good consumer of local products, but more importantly it is a week’s vacation in Central America, which makes too many Guatemalans travel El Salvador and Honduras, “he adds Muralles.

Optimistic growth
According to projections Inguat for this 2012 expected to exceed the 2 million tourists, 8 percent higher than 2011, by the end of 13 Baktun on 21 December.

Muralles ensures that this figure will be exceeded if the tourism flow in the first quarter is replicated to the rest of the year, which was 20 percent higher than the same quarter last year, “adding the Easter tourists, we calculate reach the 600 thousand. ”

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