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Guatemala a favorite of NatGeo, On Their List of Top 20 Travel Destinations for 2012

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The journal of National Geographic (NatGeo) Traveler has placed Guatemala on its list of top 20 travel destinations for 2012. Visit first it says, the highland ruins of the Mayan culture.

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Guatemala a favorite for NatGeo

The journal of National Geographic (NatGeo) Traveler included the country on its list of top 20 travel destinations for 2012. According to the publication, countless travelers each year visit the ruins of the Mayan culture in its major cities “While worth seeing, especially Tikal, it is clear that the Maya civilization has not disappeared,” the publication on its website.

The magazine. In this account, invites you to visit Chichicastenango and its market standing. “So many women shaping the tortillas at the same time, sounds like a standing ovation,” describes the magazine.
A feature of this list is suggested that destinations are mentioned by some special characteristic. Among other routes recommended by the editors of the publication are Peru, Costa Brava in Spain, Greece.

Although 2011 ended in the red for the tourism sector as it is reported that this industry fell by 2.8%, the situation could change dramatically this year, consider the business, due to the promotion of the Mayan culture.

On the other hand, Mexico and Central America are jointly promoting the Mayan World in the International Tourism Fair to be held today in Madrid, Spain.

According to the EFE news agency, there was a joint idea that seeks to promote and disseminate a tour of one hundred archaeological sites of ancient Mesoamerican civilization.

This presentation was attended by Gloria Guevara, Secretary of Tourism of Mexico and Coordinator of the Working Committee Mundo Maya 2012, and Jose Napoleon Duarte, Minister of Tourism of El Salvador, President pro tempore of the Mundo Maya Organization.

This route connects some of the most famous archaeological sites in Mexico with several Central American countries through locations connected by air, sea and land.

Under this initiative, tourists can choose your path “on demand”. To address this flow of visitors, the tourism sector in Guatemala is working together since last year to take advantage of worldwide interest in the culmination of the Mayan calendar cycle. This could lead to an increase of 10% of foreign exchange, says the business manager of the Chamber of Tourism of Guatemala, Maru Acevedo

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