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Guatemala Abandons Its Airports? See What the New FAA Study Says

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According to a report from Guatemalan officials, over the past four years the country has made minimal investments in its airports, which are now essentially abandoned by the government.

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Tourism Contracts in Four years, according to FAA study
According to internal evaluation, which had access Free Press, from 2008 to 2011 “there was no effective policy for the promotion and attraction, retention preceded by a search of competition” La Aurora International Airport.

The report shows that due to lack of vision and boost tourism to the outside, the attractiveness of foreign visitors fell by an average of 492 000 750 arrivals per year, or 1.9 million over four years.

This meant the suspension of nine daily operations, and removal of Mayan Island Airlines, U.S. Airways, Mexicana, United Airlines, and Aeromexico Interjet, is afraid the report, which clarifies that no Mexican went through bankruptcy.

According to the study, the La Aurora airport, with 19 boarding gates, has a capacity of six to eight million visits annually, but the annual average over the past four years was 2.5 million.

Among the anomalies that are reported outstanding lease of a waiting room, which was unable to receive aircraft, as it used to install shops.

The facilities of the airport was also a difficulty. An example of this is that maintenance was not given or changed air conditioning filters for three years, the report of the DGAC, which led to earlier this year stopped working.

A similar situation occurred with the roof of the airport waiting area, which were damaged after May 2010 the Pacaya volcano expelled ashes and this was wrongly removed. It is estimated that the repair would have cost Q2.5 million.

Currency Loss
The FAA estimates that the withdrawal of airline operations and had a negative impact on foreign exchange income of U.S. $ 270 000 day-a Q2.1 million.

Without investment in the province
The report of the Administrator reports that in the last four years were not made investments in airports department, which, mostly, were abandoned, limiting the interest of some airlines to domestic flights.

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