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Guatemala Abandons the Town of Solola, a Popular Tourist Destination

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Transporters, traders, and authorities from Solola, Guatemala, a popular tourist destination, are complaining to the Ministry of Tourism that the roadway leading to Solola, called the Ruta del Paisaje, is abandoned by the government and remains impassable for visitors and residents.

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Tourist Route is Forgotten

The stretch along its 42 miles, is damaged by landslides, undercutting and lots of bumps, caused during the winter of last year.

Residents and mayors of several municipalities have asked the repair, but the Ministry of Communications has not paid attention to the petition, presented Pic Oscar Solis, chief councilor of San Lucas Toliman.

Calabay Rafael Diaz, a community leader, said the poor state of road traffic accidents cause constant.

The section starts at Km 117 of the American road, Las Trampas, at the head of Solola, and concludes in San Lucas Toliman.

Pilot Luis Enrique Corzo said that crooks use to attack the wrong way.

The neighbor Rosmelda Lopez Mendez asked the Minister of Communications, Alejandro Sinibaldi, who cares about this tourist segment.

Governor Luis Florencio Garcia explained that it is aware that a study be done to repair that vehicle passage.

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