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Guatemala and El Salavador Streamline Border Procedures

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El Salvador and Guatemala are working on a framework to modernize their borders. The goal, agreed upon by both, is to create a streamlimed, unified customs process, infastructure improvements on both sides, and joint human resource training.

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Guatemala And El Salvador, Ready To Modernize Customs

El Salvador and Guatemala will be working on a joint plan for the modernization of customs posts, not only covering the area of processes, but also in infrastructure, investment, human resources training and more.

This, in the framework of commitments in the City of Guatemala, on February 13 in order to encourage greater integration between the two countries. Also the neighboring countries seek to maintain a flow of people and goods, and trade products and products subject to sanitary or phytosanitary controls.

Specific protocols will be made ​​in each subject. With the conviction of powerful action, aimed at facilitating trade in goods and people passing by the boundary points being Guatemala and El Salvador, has established a critical roadmap a concrete action plan for immediate implementation that allows to streamline procedures at the borders between both countries.

These agreements were reached today in San Salvador, during a meeting between Minister of Economy of El Salvador , Héctor Dada, who was the Minister of Economy of Guatemala , Sergio De La Torre Gimeno, and Secretary General of the Central American Economic Integration System (SIECA), Ernesto Torres Chico.

During the meeting, said the two countries represent the second most important export markets together. For El Salvador, exports to Guatemala represent 14% of the total and for Guatemala , exports to The Salvador covering 12%.

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