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Guatemala Business Faces Forced Shut Downs Due to Tax Reporting Failures

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Those small taxpayers and corporations in Guatemala who do not report tax activity for a 12 month consecutive period on their tax returns will face a mandatory, short-term shut down of their businesses, according to a resolution approved by the Guatemalan Board of the Tax Authority (SAT).

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SAT Disabled Business

Miguel Gutierrez, superintendent of the SAT, said yesterday during a visit to Congress, prior to deactivation, taxpayers will be notified to update or change their operations and have a period of five days to decide.

“Two million taxpayers, equivalent to 53 percent of the records, no movement,” said the superintendent.

The Unified Tax Registration SAT has seven million taxpayers, of which one million 900 thousand are on.

The measure, he said, seeks to taxpayers who do not attend monthly movement report to notify the tax collection agency that are not active.

This measure also includes that within 45 days of all such notices shall be by electronic means.

The measure of the SAT is intended to monitor taxpayers and meet their tax obligations, explained Abelardo Medina, mayor of Control of the SAT.

Medina said the move includes the deactivation of bills and temporary closure of establishments.

Marvin Mendez, an independent consultant on tax issues, said that the measure infringes the rights of taxpayers, because the SAT can not force people to report movements.

“The fact of having no movement, no means disappear from the map tax to taxpayers,” he said.

The expert Oscar Monroy Chile said the measure seeks to identify those companies cardboard, but also violates the constitutional right.

He said that this policy is set in the current fiscal reforms that Congress passed the Tax Code.

The measure came into force on 25 February and after the adoption of the resolution of the SAT, will be until February 25, 2013 when the entity ceases automatically apply.

“This will affect the dynamics of people when making their businesses may not operate. Those who are disabled should make the activation of your number, it should pay attention to the ads, “he said.

Deputy Carlos Barreda, the Committee on Revenue Transparency and said posed set of reforms to the Organic Law of the SAT that the superintendent has a period of five years in office and a rotation in the directory.

“At present the chief and the board of the SAT does not have a period to conclude its functions, and we want to regulate that process” he said.

Juan Carlos Paredes, president of the Association of Accountants and Auditors considered that there is healthy rotation of the board and re-election because the current law leads to a stay in office. Barreda said that the approach is to convene a commission postulator and establish a shortlist for the president to choose the candidate.

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