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Guatemala Falls Out of Favor with Visitors

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A survey of 355 tourism companies and hotels points to the cost of power and insecurity as the main obstacles for the tourism sector.

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Tourism Disenchanted

The opportunity to position the country as a tourist attraction and improve business locations with the increase in visitors was wasted last year, according to the tourism sector survey revealed yesterday executed and the Association for Research and Social Studies (ASIES ).

The results indicate that 71% of traders, in 2012, did not meet expectations regarding the number of tourists expected for Oxlajuj Baktun.

The celebration was planned as something that would be beneficial, however, the survey data show that rather than increasing it was the opposite.

The twelfth survey reports that hotel occupancy was 52% in 2012, the figure means three percentage points less than in 2011, when it stood at 55%.

Violeta Hernandez ASIES economist, who presented the findings, said that a low level of occupation indicates a high opportunity cost for tourism.

Also refers to the number of employees in the sector also fell, while in 2011 were estimated 20 000 permanent positions and temporary, and last year the number dropped to 15,000.

Juan Pablo Lira ASIES researcher, said that security is the main concern of the tourism sector.

It was estimated that hotels spend 13% of their costs to protect themselves from crime.

Also, 72% of employers argues increases in their costs by increasing fuel prices.

The representative sample for the results was 355 companies involved in tourism and hotels.

According to the report, for 2013, confidence regarding expectations of tourism income is 48%.

Mayan ball game
In order to capitalize on the interest in learning about the Mayan culture, the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (INGUAT) organize the international cup Mayan ball game in Iximché, during the second week of November.

Maru Acevedo, director of INGUAT, it explained that tourism is expected to increase 5% with all activities organized during 2013.

Yesterday invitations were sent to Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize for each country to make the national team. They may also involve other interested countries.

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