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Guatemala Gives Houses Away…Almost

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Guatemala’s plan to increase the nation’s home ownership rates starts with a housing subsidy program for public officials and mortgage credit lines for private employees.

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CIV launches housing plan

Communications Minister, Alejandro Sinibaldi, released the program yesterday after inaugurating the sixth edition of the Fair Housing Expocasa, organized every year by the Guatemalan Chamber of Construction (CGC).

Sinibaldi said that public employees can purchase subsidized homes Guatemalan Housing Fund.

He said three banks in the system to workers who provide credit lines to acquire housing for up to Q250 thousand, with interest rate of 7 percent, which will lead to the payment of monthly installments from Q500.

Targeting involves a pre-qualification by the Institute of Development Insured Mortgage.

José Luis Agüero, president of the CGC, said the industry is able to produce one hundred thousand housing units a year, since the Government conditions conducive to revive the market.

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