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Guatemala has Yet to Break When it Comes to Bank Secrecy Laws

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Guatemalan leaders have decided to include in the agenda of the plenary session scheduled for later this month three laws on transparency, including the elimination of bank secrecy. But first, the laws must make it through debate sessions where it is doubtful they will receive official support by party leaders.

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Deputies On The Agenda Include Removal Of Bank Secrecy

Members agreed to meet in first debate the law of unjust enrichment, removal of bank secrecy and reforms to the law of the Comptroller General’s Office.

In addition, the congressmen know on third reading approval of two loans, and amendments to the Banking Law.

Although the subjects were included in the agenda, the appeal to the Minister of Finance Pavel Centeno, has not yet been carried out.

The Congress President Gudy Rivera, hinted that the official bloc will not support these issues until the government will not send your package of transparency, which is expected to reach the legislature on 15 March.

“No interference from powers … wait until the Executive submit your proposal,” said Rivera.

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