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Guatemala Hires Law Firm to Fight Negative Travel Warnings

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The Guatemalan Tourism Institute (Inguat) has hired the firm of Arnold & Porter to promote Guatemala in six countries and attract more investors. With a contract valued at $575,000, the main goal is to negate travel warnings issued to avoid visiting Guatemala.

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Inguat pay $ 575,000 to Law Firm to Lobby

The contract was awarded for five months and without conduct a mandatory tender for all entities. The government, through the Inguat, hopes to turn Guatemala into a place for conventions. “The Inguat is one of the few institutions that can make international contracts.”Pedro Duchez, Director Inguat.

The Guatemalan Tourism Institute (Inguat) awarded a contract to Arnold & Porter for $ 575 000 (about Q4.5 million) for lobbying in 6 countries. Its aim is that governments do withdraw warnings to their citizens not to visit Guatemala.

This is the law firm that litigated on behalf of the State, in the first instance, before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, in EE. UU., For his suit Ferrovías. The final judgment requires Guatemala to pay $ 15 million to the plaintiff.

“We look for a company with the experience, the tusk and enough connections to make a lobby, trying to mitigate the contents of leaves consular and attract tourists,” said Peter Duchez, Inguat director.

According to the official, also expect tourism investments to the Cruise Terminal North and convert Guatemala into a place for conventions. The nations that will be contacted “to mitigate the warnings” are USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada.

Inguat director said that this process should not go through a public bidding because Inguat Organic Act empowers them to do overseas recruitment, and this “enough” for not complying with the rule of Law Purchasing and Contracting .

“The Inguat is, if not the only, of the few entities that can contracting internationally. Its mandate is related directly with countries and foreign tourists, “he said Duchez.

He then indicated that requested proposals to three companies, but claimed not to remember what were the other two. Information offered on this day.

Manfredo Marroquin, director of Citizen Action, said that all state institutions are obliged to tender. “The Inguat accountable for not tendered. The Comptroller has to investigate and punish institutions that spend state resources in this way. ”

Also described as “absurd” to spend money to hire a firm, because the warnings made by the levels of violence that the country has. In addition, negotiations with foreign nations do not get low rates Guatemala.

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