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Guatemala Is About to Change, Will It Help?

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In an effort to help the international perception of Guatemala, its Tourism Institute intends to re-brand itself with an extensive public relations campaign as a safe and popular tourist destination.

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The Company Will Hire Inguat to Change Perceptions of the Country

The tourism director said he was not trying to hide things that happen in the country but if project more positive news.

Still to be decided whether it will be a national company for which they must launch a tender, or international which, according to the Organic Law refers Inguat bidding is not required.

The project includes the creation of the country’s positive news and momentum through social networks like Facebook and Youtube channel on page www.visitguatemala.com , and companies with search engines Google, said Duchez.

It seeks to positioning the positive news in the search engines and position the country to attract more tourists, the official said.

For hiring the public relations firm have between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000.

The Inguat has a budget of Q182 million, of which Q80 million is for marketing, advertising, promotions, familiarization trips with destinations in the country, and others.

Duchez explained that focus on markets such as North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and the segments will be promoted culture, archeology and ecology, sport fishing. With the former seeks to strengthen Guatemala’s image was known then by the end of the 13 Baktun or change was Maya.

The country’s tourism sector, with support and cooperation of Spain Sica, prepare to work to change the perception of the country and attract more visitors.

Mercedes de Mena, president pro tempore of the Central American Tourism Council stated that both Sica and Spain continue their support to the region to boost tourism. This includes strengthening the tourist police, the complaints and reports program and other projects.

Besides strengthening crisis management not only natural but people problems.

Juan Daniel Alemán, secretary of Central American Integration System (SICA) said it will continue to work well in regional security projects driven by the presidents of the countries in the area which are only tourism but are focused on neighboring countries that are producers drug users and take responsibility and support the region and provide more resources to fight crime, and the synergy of the countries.

This includes support for police, border and comprehensive communication platform among others.

German added that Central has “basic conditions” for an integration process effective with tourism which in 2012 accounted for revenue between $ 8 billion and $ 9 billion and a regional common market of five countries that move another $ 8 billion but regretted that Central America is located between two points that are producing and consuming drugs, South and North America, which represents a serious problem for the region.

“We are victims of that reality, drug trafficking,” said who also recalled that the Central American countries are draining resources from areas such as health, housing and infrastructure to curb the scourge.

Respondents participated in the seminar on “Crisis management and strategies to improve the external perception” held in Guatemala this week.

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