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Guatemala Listed Among the Most Violent of Latin America

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Guatemala is now ranked amongst the most violent countries in Latin America. The Global Peace Index of 2012 places the country at No. 124 of 158 countries.

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Guatemala is among the most violent of America

Guatemala was located among the most warlike of Latin America and located at the position 124 in the Global Peace Index 2012 (IPG) prepared each year by the Institute for Economics and Peace, based in London, England, and was presented yesterday in that country.

In 2007 the country ranked 93 site in 2008 to 103 in 2009 and 2010, 110, 126 in 2011 and in 2012, 124.

The study in Guatemala can see large numbers of killings, violence, weapons imports and overcrowded prison population, to the extent that in Central America, is the most violent country, surpassed only by Honduras that is in place 129 .

El Salvador ranks third on the Isthmus (111), Nicaragua and Costa Rica the fourth (36) is the most peaceful nation in the region.

According to the document throughout the Americas, Colombia is the most violent country, occupies the site 144.

Chile the quietest (30), far above Argentina (44), Peru (79), Brazil (83) and Bolivia (84).

Norma Cruz, of the Survivors Foundation, notes that “unfortunately” this result “is not surprising” since Guatemala, its geographical position, is passage area for organized crime, transfer of firearms and trafficking.

“It’s a very big challenge for government authorities. Hopefully, with the Pact for Security, Justice and Peace, which suggests there are results. ”

Rolando Yoc, director of conflict resolution in the Office of Human Rights, said that we must recognize that if Guatemala is described as one of the most violent countries in the world, is because that is reflected in reality.

Carmen Aida Ibarra of the Movement for Justice, said that if Guatemala ranks as one of the most violent countries in the world is because the uncontrollable violence caused by crime and impunity, has for many years.

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158 countries discussed the Institute for Economics and Peace

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