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Guatemala Makes its Debut UN Security Council

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Five countries, including Guatemala, entered Sunday morning as non-permanent members to the Security Council of the UN, facing its worst crisis in years by the conflict in Syria, Russia and China and its refusal to condemn the regime of President Bashar Assad.

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Guatemala debuts at the Security Council of the UN
Entering the Security Council Guatemala, Morocco, Togo, Azerbaijan and Pakistan, the latter to be living with his great rival, India, in this organism from 15 countries.

“It’s like the Cold War,” says a Western diplomat in reference to the antagonism which prevails in the Security Council for months following the Syrian conflict. The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vitali Tchurkin, believes that the Council’s task could be “seriously affected” if the tension continues.

Russia, China and South Africa, India and Brazil, saying that NATO has exceeded the mandate of the Security Council with air strikes against Libya. These countries accuse Western powers of wanting to actually “regime change” in Libya and now in Syria.

Britain, France and the United States, however, believe that their intervention in Libya was “historic” and saved tens of thousands of lives.

Russia and China vetoed in early October a Western draft resolution condemning violence in Syria, saying it would be the first step toward military action.

In response, the Western powers have accused countries vetoed the draft resolution to be partly responsible for the more than 5,000 deaths in Syria, according to UN estimates.

Russia then proposed its own draft resolution, condemning the violence of both government and opposition in Syria, a parallel that Westerners considered “unbalanced”.

In the last week there have been three negotiating sessions, but all ended with no progress, according to several diplomats. The West suspects that Russia is trying to buy time for Damascus, a key ally of Moscow. Next year starts now opens no prospect of settling the most important UN body.

“It will be difficult in 2012. It is easy to see how you can achieve anything if the lock is held in the Council, “says a senior Western diplomat who remained anonymous.

The new balance within the Council will be very similar to the former and not change anything Palestine’s bid to become a full member state: the minimum nine votes of the fifteen would not be met, said another diplomat.

“Do not change anything for the Palestinians, who will still have a score of eight votes in favor,” said the diplomat. But although they reached the nine votes needed, which would authorize the Council to make a positive recommendation, the U.S. has already announced that they oppose his veto.

The five starters will be from January 1 for a term of two years. The other five countries whose term ends in late 2012 are Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal and South Africa. The Security Council also has five permanent members with veto power: the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China.

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