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Guatemala Makes Mid-Course Tourism Plan Change

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The government of Guatemala is making a course correction mid-stream to increase tourist traffic to the country. A revised two-step plan, with the first phase commencing this year, aims to achieve an annual average tourism growth rate of 8.6% for the period 2012-2016 and 9.9% for 2016-2022. Why the change? Guatemala is hoping to tap into the estimated $2 billion in tourist dollars the course change could bring.

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Government Promotes tourism
In Guatemala the next 10 years 991 000 463 increase in income from visitors, to reach two million 814 thousand 126 tourists, according to the National Policy for Tourism Development, presented today.

Estimates of policy concern that the amount would mean an increase of 35.23 percent from income recorded in 2011, when there were one million 822 thousand 663 tourists.

According to the document, the policy promoted by the government of President Otto Perez Molina, is divided into two phases: the first, which sets targets for the period 2012-2016, and the second from 2016-2022.

It is expected that the first period to visit the country one million 678 thousand 254 (6.6 percent), while for 2022 are expected two million 814 thousand 126 tourists (8 percent, relative to 2016).

The policy warns that these figures are in respect of income of cruise passengers and day trippers from Belize, Honduras and El Salvador do not sleep in the country and according to the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (Inguat) constitute about 8 percent of the total.

As foreign exchange earnings from tourism, the document aims to achieve an annual average growth rate of 8.6% for the period 2012-2016 and 9.9% for 2016-2022, which would mean $ 2 billion 206.4 million in the first stage, and U.S. $ 4 billion 126.2 million for 2022.

Peter Duchez, Inguat director, said yesterday that the policy was based on a project drawn up by the Chamber of Tourism of Guatemala (Camtur) and proposals of the Association of Economic and Social Research (ASIES), plus some internal documents Inguat.

The introduction to the text reads: “In this Policy is adopted tourism as engine of economic and social development for Guatemala, embracing the model of sustainability as a central focus.”

He added that implementation and enforcement will be a work of coordination, in close collaboration with the private sector and civil society.

Beltranena Mariano, president of the Chamber of Tourism of Guatemala (Camtur), said the most important thing is to be declared as a state strategy.

Beltranena explained that the strategy consists of eight pillars, where the sustainability and institutional modernization is the head behind the project. Within this block is the creation of the secretariat of tourism, which will be part of cabinet ministers.

Camtur executive said that another key aspect will be to modify Inguat Act, which already has a favorable opinion in the Congress.

“Modernize the Inguat and pose a change to your address, similar to the INAP or work-integrated Intecap by a joint board-and this would avoid politicization,” he said.

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