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Guatemala Prepares For $1 Billion Investment into Roads

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Guatemala’s ambitious program “Recovery Road Plan, Safe Highways” aims to recover 1,360 km. of highways and 4,300 km. of rural roads at a cost of US $102.4 million.

Photo Credit: Presidencia de Guatemala

Original Article Text From Presidencia de Guatemala via Google Translate :

Government To Invest Millions In Recovery Road Q.800

In order that the country’s roads are passable and safe president, otto perez molina, accompanied by the vice president, roxana baldeti and minister of communications infrastructure and housing-civ-, alejandro sinibaldi, launched the “make roads safe road recovery plan “.

With an investment of q.800 million project for the recovery of 1 000 360 kilometers of country roads and 14 4 000 300 kilometers of rural roads are unpaved, and is expected to be completed before the start of the winter.

The plan includes signage and repair eight bridges like san francisco, at kilometer 126 of the route to the pacific, and beatriz de la cueva, at kilometer 122 of the road leading to the east, which were seriously damaged by storms that hit the country in 2010 and 2011.

The president said that the repair to infrastructure is provided in the plan of government, as the roads are crucial to competitiveness, as well as ports and airports, main steps of the merchandise export and import. “this allows us to be a competitive country at the regional level,” he said.

The work will begin in the coming days on the palin-escuintla expressway and then extend to the Central American routes, with national and departmental recapeo of the asphalt. In routes will apply asphalt stone matrix asphalt type, which provides greater durability and performance of the pavement, sinibaldi explained, minister of communications.

Government officials stressed that in the next two months there will be about 600 working faces of the recapeo roads, creating 40 000 jobs, with what the ministry of communications will contribute to the country’s economic recovery. The president assured the cost of the work will be executed based on the law of the state purchasing and contracting to use transparent public resources.

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