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Guatemala Seeks Open Immigration for Tourists

Article Summary:

The Guatemalan Commission on Sustainable Tourism (Comiturs) has requested the government grant free entry for every tourist that holds a U.S. visa in order to facilitate immigration procedures.

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Commission seeks to open immigration for tourists

The Commission on Sustainable Tourism (Comiturs) adscrtia to the Guatemalan Association of Exporters (Agexport) requested the National Competitiveness Program (Pronacom) opening immigration to all the tourist visa that has U.S. and other countries, to facilitate clearance migration.

“We seek to generate more tourism revenue into the country, providing income tourists to Guatemala,” said Alfonso Muralles, chairman of that committee.

The executive said that currently the paperwork discourages the traveler now, is that it must invest in a flight of several hours prior to travel to your destination.

Muralles stressed that this measure was adopted by Mexico and Costa Rica, which has allowed a massive influx of tourists.

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