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Guatemala Sees End of the World as a Business Opportunity

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Guatemala hopes to see a 10 year record increase in tourist traffic throughout the year 2012 when it capitalizes on Mayan doomsday calendar prophecies. The country’s goal is to increase tourism traffic by 8% through interest of the Mayan culture and calendar which predicts the world’s end on December 21, 2012.

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Guatemala Wants 8% More Tourists in 2012
Peter Duchez, next director of the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (Inguat), said that 2012 holds a substantial increase in visitors to the country. The change from the Maya, the December 21, 2012, known as the baktun 13, is a powerful attractive to tens of thousands of tourists, said in an interview Duchez the Guatemalan newspaper Prensa Libre. 8% increase in the number of visitors next year, ie, 100,000 in addition to what the country will receive this year, she said.

The rate would be greater than 5% on average, than tourism has increased over the last decade. The Inguat continues a marketing strategy based on interest in the Mayan culture. This has already started with the campaign “Dawn of the Maya”, which advertises the archaeological site of Petén. Also actively promoting 17 other tourist sites related to the Maya. Duchez promised to reach new markets, but does not detail which ones, or in what way the campaign will take place in those countries. That will be decided on the basis of a new visitor profile study.

But the Mayans are not the only attraction. The director also sees future in tourism and sport fishing convention are two good bets without a doubt. “We see great potential in these two segments,” he said. Beltranena Mariano, president of the Chamber of Tourism (Camtur) expects to work with the next officer, who shall be from 1st. January with the government of Otto Perez Molina. “He (Duchez) is a political linchpin, which presents an overview of state and has guaranteed that we will work together,” said Beltranena, the designee. Duchez a Masters in management strategically. His experience in the tourism sector includes airlines and hotels.

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