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Guatemala Suspends Customs Fines

Article Summary:

The Ministry of Finance authorized an exemption that any person or legal entity who commits any of the administrative customs offenses punishable by a fine is to be released from paying the imposed fee.

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Government Exempts Customs Fines

According to Governmental Decree No. 51-2012 of the Ministry of Public Finance is authorized to exempt customs fines are imposed by the Customs Law contained in Book III of Decree Number 10-2012.

The agreement comes into force on Monday 19 March and ending date on the effect of it is the June 15, 2012. The amount of exemption authorized for offenses is 100% of the total fine.

The condoning of breaches is considered that there should be a formal disclosure of the National Customs Law into effect that all sectors involved in its implementation are prepared both aspects of systems, logistical and otherwise.

Also, you must also have adequate time to prepare and avoid making administrative customs offenses so as not to affect or impede the activities of foreign trade.

To implement this exemption, is expressly authorized, during the period mentioned, the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) and the Customs Service to verify the commission of administrative customs offenses, apply for exemption from fines

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