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Guatemala Wants to Keep Its Tourism Dollars In-Country

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Guatemala’s “Go on vacation without leaving your country” campaign aims to encourage local tourism for families, adventure seekers, and the elderly during August when domestic tourism peaks.

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Inguat drive 89 destinations

With 89 destinations, the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (Inguat) seeks to encourage local tourism family, adventure and the elderly, with tours that include different parts of the country.

The program Sal on vacation without leaving your country starting on August 3 and end on December 15, brings together the work of 42 tour operators who seek to encourage the Guatemalan to know the country before seeking other destinations.

Edgar Reyes, program coordinator of the Domestic Tourism Inguat indicates that this plan seeks to promote the culture of local travel. “For this we offer packages aimed at all segments of the family, which is expected to serve about 4 thousand people.”

“The Guatemalans will choose destinations which include various tours for youth who love adventure travel is also included for older adults.

There are other options such as relaxation, reflection and contact with nature, “says the president of the union, the tour operator Sandra Muralles.

According to the executive, are 42 tour operators who drive, along with Inguat the program. It seeks to invigorate the trade, not only in specific regions, but throughout the country.

Muralles said the new program this year is that there are three output points of the tours, which are in the capital, Quetzaltenango and Flores.

He added that until last year the program was subsidized by the Government, and that absorbed portion of the payment of travel. “This time it was negotiated with local suppliers in the country to obtain preferential rates,” he said.

The packages will be available from July 31 Inguat facilities in central and regional Peten Quetzaltenango.

In figures
42 TOUR OPERATORS work in country travel at special rates.

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