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Guatemala Wants to Legalize Drugs to Reduce Violence: U.S. Says No Way!

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The U.S. government opposes the decriminalization of drugs in Latin America, a day after Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina reported that he would propose legalization of drugs at the next safety meeting with Central American leaders.

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United States Embassy in Guatemala Criticized Drug Decriminalization

The U.S. government stressed on Sunday that it opposes the decriminalization of drugs in Latin America, a day after President Guatemalan Otto Perez Molina reported that legalization would propose at the next safety meeting with Central American leaders.

In a statement to The Associated Press, the embassy said: “If the traffic and use of drugs were illegal discriminalizadas morning in Central America , transnational organizations and gangs continue in illegal activities, including trafficking and illegal firearms, extortion and kidnappings, bank robberies, theft intellectual property and money laundering. ” ” United States continues to oppose these measures because the evidence shows that our shared problem of drugs is a threat to public health and safety, “he quoted the official statement.

The president Perez Molina said Saturday he will propose the legalization of drugs in the next safety meeting with Central American leaders. “is to bring the issue to the table for discussion. This does not mean that you will make a decision. I would not be a crime to transport or move the drug. All this has to be regulated, “said Perez Molina in an interview with United Stations broadcasting.

He added that touch the issue with Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes during his visit on Monday. The president explained that the fight against drug trafficking and astronomical costs generated only neutralizes the problem but does not eradicate it completely.

Specifically criticized the fight against drug trafficking in Colombia. “With all the technology and resources and millions of dollars that gave United States the problem has not diminished. He spoke of the success of Plan Colombia, but all they did was neutralize large posters “stressed the president.

The U.S. Embassy in Guatemala highlighted what he called a success in Colombia. “If we can reduce demand for drugs illegal, the case of Colombia shows that a multilateral commitment to combating drug trafficking and transnational criminal activities can be successful. Violent deaths in Colombia dropped 50% between 2002 and 2011.

Addition, the government regained control of its territory and confidence of its citizens, “reiterated the text.

Perez Molina has blamed the posters of the drug by high levels of violence in Guatemala , a country of 13 million overrun by gangs and drug traffickers Mexicans with a homicide rate of 41 per 100,000 inhabitants according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, nearly three times that of neighboring Mexico.

U.S. and Guatemalan officials recently reported that they had found evidence that cartel Sinaloa has extended its operations to methamphetamine production Guatemala.

In that country also operates the Mexican group Los Zetas. At a recent hearing by Mexico, Perez Molina said Los Zetas moved to Guatemala four years ago to try to force Guatemalan drug traffickers to cooperate with them.

Those who do not accept any type of alliance were killed, sparking several confrontations “to which we were not used.” The president said his government is determined to confront the drug trafficking groups and organized crime, for which it has begun to make some decisions as appoint two elite units of the armed forces participating in the struggle. He said that the United States expects cooperation, but ruled out the presence in their country of American troops.

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