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Government Squashes Hotel Growth

Article Summary:

Hotels in Guatemala are suffering under what they describe as poor investment promotion policies, thus creating a stagnate hotel supply.

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Lack Support Tourism Investment Plan

Concern centers as Beltranena Mariano, president of the Chamber of Tourism of Guatemala (Camtur), in which agendas seeking to attract investment, not included in this sector.

According Beltranena, although the government of President Otto Perez Molina has said that tourism is an axis of economic development, it is known that there are officials who have shown some resistance to push this sector.

“He himself has in his own Cabinet officials are not one hundred percent convinced”, stressed the official.

Juan Carlos Paiz, Presidential Commissioner for Competitiveness, agreed that tourism is not included in the plan to attract investment, but said that the issue “is included in some way.”

He added that a proposal made by the private sector, which would be considered to form the National Competitiveness Agenda, 26 proposals were taken productive activities.

In this proposal included the need to boost U.S. $ 1 000 100 million annually for all private sectors, including manufacturing medium and tourism, among others, said Paiz.

Jaime Diaz, director of the National Competitiveness Program (Pronacom), said that in the first version of the Competitiveness Agenda did not include the tourist track.

He explained that when they released the agenda is still being developed by the Tourism Policy and the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (Inguat) requested the inclusion, but that was a few weeks before launching the competitiveness agenda.

Diaz added that tourism was added in the new version of the competitiveness agenda.

Tourism has been a slight increase in 2012, with 2.3 percent in the number of visitors and 1.4 percent in foreign exchange, according to the period January to July this year compared with 2011.

A July saw the entry of a million visitors and 69 000 805 $ 784 million in foreign exchange.

At present, the expected Inguat the expectations generated by the change Oxlajuj Baktun Maya was to be held on December 21 is scheduled sector growth of 8 percent, but Pedro Duchez, director of the Institute, said that if not for that activity, such behavior would not be achieved.

Hotels Supply Stagnates
Another problem facing tourism is stagnant hotel investment, said Mariano Beltranena Camtur president.

“Attracting investment in hotels is stagnant, the hotel industry has yet to take off in the country and for that we first have to work pretty much the theme of infrastructure and security issues, “acknowledged Juan Carlos Paiz, Commissioner of Competition.

recent investments in large hotels were the Camino Real in Guatemala City, which opened in February 2010, in addition to the Real Vista the same municipality, and most recently The Steps Tikal and gaps, in Petén.

Recently Inguat director, Pedro Duchez, accepted that no large hotels have been installed, but added that projects known in Antigua, Petén and Quetzaltenango, but smaller .

coincided with Beltranena that to be attractive investment before increasing the number of visitors so that these investments are viable.
Juan Carlos Zapata, manager Development Foundation of Guatemala, said that one of the problems is that not Inguat well developed tourist destinations.

INGUAT has an updated report to March 2012, which include ratings of hotels, hostels, guesthouses, motels autohoteles. However, making a recommended classification of establishments which are referred to in the country that offer 13 000 575 553 44 000 599 rooms and bed spaces. The country has the Convention Bureau, which covers large hotels (stars) for attracting business tourism, conferences and conventions. In addition, it promotes the installation of a convention complex, possibly in the Parque de la Industria.

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