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Guatemalan President-elect Perez Outlines His Agenda

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Otto Perez Molina, who on Saturday January 14th will be sworn in as president, says that in the first week of his administration will take three specific actions that Guatemalans will see that “the authorities are concerned about them,” something also stressed during his campaign speeches.

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Perez Prioritizes Three Actions
First, he says, will present five task forces: one against extortion, theft of other vehicles, kidnapping one against another to fight drug trafficking and to attack organized crime. The president-elect said they already have most of these forces ready to start work.

Also on Monday, 16 declare an emergency in the health system, to take urgent action in that area, and promises to call various sectors of Guatemalan society to begin work by the following covenants: the one called “Zero Hunger” The prosecutor and another for peace, security and justice.

In the garden of his private office in Zone 10, looking calm and smiling, the president-elect spoke last Friday with Prensa Libre about the priorities and challenges of his administration.

What will be your first action as president?
The first action will be the swearing in of ministers. Then go to greet the Guatemalan population to reach outside the Dome.

On Sunday I be interviewing with some heads of state and formally begin on Monday, political and administrative activities.

In security pluck one of the campaign promises: the formation of five task forces.
During the first week we will convene three main agreements: Zero Hunger, the prosecutor and the third major deal, which is that of peace, security and justice, by Mauricio López Bonilla. It will make the call to the various sectors interested in joining us.

Do you agree to all persons appointed to his cabinet?
Not only am I happy, but motivated. On Thursday I met with all the ministers and secretaries to be met, and it was rewarding.

Were you out any person he wanted for his cabinet?
No. With the team we put together I feel happy, satisfied and motivated, because I know it is a team that is ready to meet the needs of the country.

You offered a change to the country in his campaign. What is this change?
The change in Guatemala is the transition state in which we find a desirable state. Today we live in a climate of insecurity, violence and crime.

The change is a lower rate of violence and insecurity, that Guatemalans feel calmer. We propose a change in rural development, where poverty and improve nutrition, decrease significantly. We have set very ambitious goals.

What goals? Is it possible to know numbers?
Chronic malnutrition in four years we want to decrease in eight or 10 percent rates.
These numbers have remained fixed in 30 years. For us it is a real challenge to reduce chronic malnutrition is a commitment of the State.

What goals is to reduce murders in the country?
They also have ambitious goals. We want to deliver a state with a rate of 20 or 22 homicides per hundred thousand inhabitants. Half the number that currently exists.

What deadlines are chosen to improve safety?
In six months, Guatemalans will feel a change. We want people to know that there really is a concern of the authorities to improve public safety.

What time will have their ministers to the achievement of goals?
We will have a measurement system. Let’s make a cash cut to six months, then annually. We will evaluate the performance of ministers and compliance goals.

What will you do if an officer is involved in corruption?
We will be sharp. In war advised there should be dead, and the ministers know that we are on the transparency.
We will take legal action against any officer found guilty of corruption.

How to avoid the payment of commissions on work and purchases of government?
The first step will enable institutions not to use NGOs. We are asking publicly whether contractors Estrada asked an official commission to report it. We will enable a phone.

Are they going to deliver his report of probity?
Yes We have until January 30 to deliver it, and do it public. The ministers also make it publicly.

The governors have lent works to negotiate and commissions. How will they control these events?

We profile governors and managers of their department. We’re going to ask the mayors to denounce the governors who commit acts abnormal.

Why are there several retired military officers to key positions in his government? Is it friendship?
More than friendship, due to the knowledge I have of them. Mauricio Lopez has a long history, has been an analyst on security issues and is one of the best prepared for the Ministry of Interior.

Ricardo Bustamante, who will occupy the Security Technical Secretariat, became chief of staff and academics. He founded the BS and MS in Safety, Galileo University.

The private secretary, Juan de la Cruz, is a discreet person. With him we will radically change the profile of the Secretariat and does not lend itself to conduct business.

Walter Zepeda, who remain in the SAAS, is well prepared for the job. He is honest and worked in logistics in the Army.
How important is for the government of Guatemala since the Security Council of the United Nations?
It comes at a pivotal moment. We Gert Rosenthal in charge of that responsibility and we have talked with him.

What is the priority will be migrants in their government?
Very high. Although a bit difficult, we want a TPS for nationals in that country. I recognize that campaign could not come to you.

How do you develop relationships with Congress and his party?
We give an example of governance. We know that the battle will be tough, but we want the Congress to become a reference work for the country. We spoke to the benches of I, the Gana, UCN, Alejos group and, unofficially, with members of Ninth Montenegro, and we believe we have 105 deputies to promote a consensual agenda for the next two years.

There is a willingness to work for the next two years.

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