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Guatemalans are Hopeful, Will A New President Bring Change?

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Guatemalans are hopeful for the start of 2012, a year that marked the change of government of President Alvaro Colom and the arrival of former military Otto Perez Molina. In a poll conducted by Prensa Libre, citizens expect greater security, employment, education and food.

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Guatemalans talk about their expectations for 2012

With the holidays this year, it appears that injected a dose of optimism for positive change in the country.
“We all expect more security, it is evident that one of the biggest problems the country is security. In addition, we must make efforts to have more health services and education, “said Monica Mendizabal.

Carlos Juarez, a resident of the area of ​​the capital, remains hopeful for buying a home and thus provide a safe space for your family. “The main thing is to work and health. Our desire as a family is having a house and wait for the will of God. ”

Another desire of the citizens, because it improves the supply of labor. “I remember right in December 24 I lost my job. Hopefully next year there are opportunities for everyone, because in my case I was on the street and did not receive benefits. Who does not dream of a better future? “Said Rachel Francis, who is now dedicated to serving a food stall. On the other hand, Facebook page this morning, the visitors left written his purposes and desires for the 2012.

Expectations written by Internet users in the virtual forum for the media that called during the week, agreed that residents should join efforts to achieve peace in the country.

Those readers who have family want a better job, to fulfill the dream of owning a home in the new year and that their children have health and happiness.

In addition, children crave wisdom to be exemplary and well aspire to a better life and with it a prosperous country.
Sulma Elizondo called for health for his family, “trade prosperity and peace for Guatemala”, while Claudia Aguilar is to “combat indifference.”

Other Internet users expressed desire to excel academically, so they aspire to join a university or college and complete master’s or doctorate, learn new languages ​​or meet graduation to provide services to Guatemala.
This is the case of Daisy Diaz, who wrote that his purpose is to graduate “to be part of the Guatemalan worthy example and provide my services to my beloved country.”

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