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Guatemalans Get 5% Raise

Article Summary:

President Alvaro Colom of Guatemala is expected to raise the minimum wage by 5% on December 30, following a technical review by the National Minimum Wage Commission and the Bank of Guatemala.

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This Week Will Set the Minimum Wage in Guatemala

This week is the deadline that the law is to enact President Alvaro Colom hold steady or increase the minimum wage will apply to the different economic activities during 2012.

It is expected that the president’s decision is made official on December 30, after analyzing the technical opinion of the National Minimum Wage Commission (CNS) and the Bank of Guatemala (Banguat).

The CNS suggested the president a 5% increase, equivalent to Q3, 10 (U.S. $ 0.37) per day for farm workers and the city, so that amount to Q66.80 per day, and Q2.67 for employees and textile export industries, so that amount to Q62.42 day.

Last week, the president sent Banguat where he expressed his opinion that according to the analysis of the Monetary Board, the adjustment proposed by the CNS would have no negative impact on economic activity.

Colom may decide to enact an increase greater than suggested by the CNS or maintaining the current minimum wage level.

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