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Guatemala’s Exports Jump 25% Over Last Year

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Exports to international markets rose by 25.3% from January to October in 2011. The top exported product continues to be coffee, followed closely by manufactured clothing articles, precious metals and gemstones.

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In Guatemala, foreign sales rose 23%, to October

According to statistics, from January to October sales to international markets, generate foreign exchange for $ 8 000 682 500 000, ie U.S. $ 1 000 752 000 000 more, which means a growth of 25.3% over the same period 2010, when it reached U.S. $ 6 billion 930.1 million.

In the case of imports, they reported an increase of 23.1% last October, reaching a total of U.S. $ 13 billion 895.9 million, or $ 2000 more to reach 607.0 million in 2010.

From January to October last year, foreign exchange for imports reached U.S. $ 11 000 288 900 000, according to figures.

The foreign exchange coffee exports rose by 12.5% in October, in relation to that month of 2010 and stood at U.S. $ 082.7 million 1000. There is an increase in volume of 53.7 million kilos for a total of 266.4 million kilos.

Articles of apparel reported sales of U.S. $ 1 000 049 300 000, which means 12.1% improvement, followed by precious metals and gemstones, with $ 714 million, or 8.2% growth.

Sales by banana reported an increase of 4.9% to U.S. $ 423 million, which means U.S. $ 123.6 million more, followed by oil at $ 269.3 million, ie 3.1% more and cardamom with 2.7% to stand at U.S. $ 234.8 million.

In the case of sugar reported a decline in foreign exchange earnings of 5.3% compared with 2010, as it reached U.S. $ 464 million, which means $ 139 million less in relation to last year.

By volume, this product showed a fall of 36.6%, equivalent to 535 million kilos.The executive director of the Guatemalan Association of Exporters, Luis Godoy, said that this year exports are projected to reach U.S. $ 10 billion on a general scale, with a growth of 25% compared with 2010.

“This year we expect double-digit improvements,” said Godoy.
For imports, 31.7% were industrial raw materials and reached U.S. $ 4 billion 403.2 million.

The purchases of the country for fuels and lubricants accounted for 20.1% to U.S. $ 2 billion 788.9 million, 15.3% were consumer goods by U.S. $ 2 billion 142.8 million and 13.5% for industrial goods, telecommunications and construction.

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