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Guatemala’s New President Otto Promises to End Crime.

Article Summary:

The retired general Otto Perez Molina took over the presidency of Guatemala Saturday, promising to end crime and organized crime plaguing the country.

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General Otto Perez Molina assumes the presidency of Guatemala

GUATEMALA CITY - Alvaro Colom Pérez happens. As part of the ceremony, Perez vowed to defend the Constitution stick just before the presidential sash.

The electorate was attracted by the approach of “get tough” on crime Perez, in a country of 13 million overrun by gangs and Mexican drug cartels and the homicide rate of 45 per 100 000 people, almost three times greater than that of neighboring Mexico.

Perez, 61, is the first elected president of Guatemala military since military rule ended 25 years ago, in which he served as director of the intelligence services.

First presidential address
“Change begins today,” said President Otto Perez, to start his inaugural address, which pledged to turn campaign promises into commitments of State.

The president acknowledged that the country has problems and corrupt public institutions which will, according to assume responsibility for ensuring that change.

“I speak of a profound, structural, not cosmetic,” Perez said that calls for unity in all sectors, to face a fight for “the transformation of society.”

Changing time
The president called the nation of which today assumes the presidency, as a country close to economic and moral breakdown, with a debt level the highest in history. Destroyed infrastructure and a floating debt “unprecedented”, impossible to establish within two months of transition.

In his speech, more than one occasion, the president criticized the previous administration, where he assured there was a financial and administrative disorder and handling of social programs that were “patronage and populist.”

Pérez Molina gave an overview on shortcomings in the health sector, education and malnutrition, and announced that the first of its areas of work is focused on safety, in a country where the death rate averages 15 people a day.

Call for unity
The word union, was present at various points in the presidential address, where the retired general recalled the country’s recent past and the peace process, signed 15 years ago.

“I lived through the war, suffered like all my generation and we are aware that many of the causes that gave rise to conflict are still present,” he said.

He emphasized the unity of nation and all sectors to “abandon confrontation and join the reconciliation that can build a nation with respect for human rights.”

The lines of work announced by the new government, will be sent to security as a priority, Bush said, in addition Cambat hunger and economic empowerment.

The new government, said the president, is an austere administration and focused on economic recovery through legal certainty.

The fiscal pact, oversight and transparency are government promises to “secure the confidence of the Guatemalan government and investor confidence,” said the president.

Transfer of command blurs Violence
The transmission of the presidential inauguration was marked by mourning following the assassination of Deputy Oscar Leal Caal Valentin, shot dead because he was negotiating the possibility of abandoning the Democratic Freedom Party Renewed (Leader) for the group’s military president, the Patriot Party.

Before beginning the process of taking office, the Congress of the Republic met and Deputy Gudy Rivera became the new president’s legislature Central American nation.

Rivera reaffirmed in his speech that justice would be done by Leal.

Close advisers say that Perez supports the conditions outlined by various appropriation acts of Congress to restore U.S. military aid in the country, removed in 1978 amid the Civil War.

Military Support
The United States also insists that the government supports an international team of prosecutors against corruption, supported by the UN, whose efforts have been criticized by the political elite of Guatemala.

“I do believe that Otto Pérez Molina seek the lifting of restrictions on military aid,” said Harold Caballeros, the future Minister of Foreign Affairs. “I have a sincere commitment to certainty of Otto Perez Molina in improving the justice system in Guatemala as a whole.”

Perez lost his first bid in 2007 against Colom.

In his military career was highlighted as an intelligence specialist, one of the most influential of the army. It has never been involved in crimes attributed to the military during the war against Marxist rebels and the army was a representative in the team that negotiated the peace accords.

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