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Guatemala’s Small Hotels Suffer from Insecurity and Natural Disasters

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Small hotels of Guatemala are still recovering from a decline in occupancy due to the impact of Tropical Depression 12E, which struck the country in 2011, but also complain that insecurity has them with empty hotels rooms as well.

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Accommodation is Very Low

Luis Rey, the Association of Small Hotels in Guatemala, an organization of 35 stores, said that after the tropical depression last October continue with low occupancy in many areas of the country.

Regarding insecurity, said that the decline in tourism by this phenomenon occurs mainly in Panajachel, Antigua Guatemala, Peten, near Tikal.

“They are very sensitive routes Panajachel, with the first rains is sure is going to be closed by landslides or step as a precaution” but also reflected the insecurity that has led to the creation of vigilante groups, the which have blocked roads, he said.

In Antigua Guatemala and Tikal what has most affected is the uncertainty, as tour operators abroad, as the case of Germany, withdrew two years ago and have not returned.

The manager asked the authorities to act on it because “people prefer not to travel, because even at times unable to purchase insurance as tourists because of the situation in the country, which has also led several countries travel warning.”

In normal years, on average occupancy is 50 percent, although it has its peaks for Easter, August and year-end dates in which you get almost a hundred percent, though Panajachel hotel occupancy was without several months, said the executive.

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