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Hotels to Cost More in Guatemala

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Guatemala will begin implementing its lodging tax in January, 2013; currently the Government is unable to monitor tax payments by hotels which has resulted in tax evasion.

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SAT charged hotel tax

Miguel Gutierrez, head of the SAT, said that along with the tune Inguat the details of the agreement, which, he said, will be signed next week.

Pedro Duchez, Inguat director, said that the goal is to increase revenue, since the Institute currently has “a very strong limitation” in its capacity to monitor and supervise the hotels, which has resulted in tax evasion.

With this alliance, Duchez added, is expected to increase revenue 5 percent in one year.

“The SAT can cross information, because it has access to sales ledgers, statements of income tax, VAT and financial statements,” he stressed.

Although Gutierrez said that could take over the departure tax, $30 per person when leaving by air-, part of which also corresponds to Inguat, Duchez noted that this aspect is not defined, but said it has better controls and collection because it is done through the airline ticket.

Both managers reported that the amount to be defined to be quedarle the SAT for administrative services.

According to the Superintendent, the departure tax has been raised Q182.7 million from January to October 2012, 5.4% more than last year.

Gutierrez added that holding talks with the Municipality of Guatemala to take over the collection of property tax in the capital.

“The fact that decentralization has been given not to say that it was the best option,” Gutierrez said, referring to that years ago it was decided to make the collection communes. The tax revenues reported by Inguat Q64.4 million from January to October 2012, which includes lodging tax, output, and others.

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