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Invest in Guatemala! Panel Declares 2012 is Year of Opportunity

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Despite the threat of a new economic crisis in Europe, four top Guatemalan businessmen agree that 2012 will be the year to invest in their country.

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Guatemala: Where to invest your money in 2012
New year, new challenges. 2012 will be a year of opportunity, despite the threat of a new global economic crisis and the change of government that produce a justifiable uncertainty about local business climate.

To discuss these opportunities, the Guatemalan newspaper elPeriódico seventh consecutive year held an investment forum where 4 businessmen and economists respond to a hypothetical test: “If I had one million Q1, how do I invest?”.

Alfredo Toriello, manager of Legume Foods.
Without hesitation, Toriello said it would invest in opening a chain of stores to distribute their vegetables hydroponically, said an adverse environment against the best strategy you can take a business to sharpen the vision and no competition to find the spaces that will leave others more conservative.

Although the employer perceives a difficult 2012 for investment, ensures that this will not stop because “consumers will always be seeking to meet their needs regardless of the circumstances.”

Gordo Julia Manuel, manager of Isopan
Also think of a more aggressive expansion for its chain of bakeries, Julia Gordo invest in technical education in the creation of specialized schools in electromechanics, refrigeration, and other race, s because there is a dearth of qualified personnel for industry.

“More than we need turners or electromechanical university, these courses to train our youth … technical education is a great investment opportunity, “he said.

Paulo de León, stockbroker
This trader with experience in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE, its acronym in English) diversify its investment in three parts: first, the stock market in the United States, as this has better prospects than European, but rather analyze actions of companies.

The second: in certificates of deposit in quetzals because interest rates are higher than in dollars, and the third: in real estate, buying land with high appreciation potential.

Pavel Centeno, AppointedMinister of Finance
This economist with an MBA in Finance said it would invest the money in safe assets that generate a good return, specifically in the construction sector, generating gross capital, housing and jobs, which is essential for a country’s economic growth.

Besides being a sure and profitable investment in housing would help reduce the country’s housing deficit amounting to over 1 million units, concluded Centeno.

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