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New Customs Regulations Heading to Guatemala

Article Summary:

Under pressure from the Guatemalan business sector, the National Competitiveness Program of Guatemala has announced that the President of Guatemala plans to introduce a draft bill to Congress which will replace existing customs regulations.

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Government Amend the Customs Act

The pressure from the business sector to repeal the new Customs Act paid off, the National Competitiveness Program (Pronacom) announced yesterday that the Executive shall submit to Congress a new proposal to replace the existing legislation.

Juan Carlos Paiz, Presidential Commissioner for Competitiveness, said yesterday during a forum with the private sector on the National Strategy of Logistics and Transport, the initiative has already been agreed with the various business chambers.

“There will be no changes, is a new law to be passed by Congress will override existing legislation, which will remove the discretionary fines and regulate the insurance payment of goods. This proposal is editorial improvements and is clearer, “said Paiz.

The Customs Act came into force in March and caused the servicers, dissatisfied with fines they consider excessive customs paralyzed for four days. Under pressure from the servicers, President Otto Perez exonerated fines for 90 days to draw up regulations of the law. However, the deadline was extended by 90 days, expiring on 15 October.

Paiz said to be an extension of this exemption from fines for another 90 days, so that the new proposal has enough time to be presented at the Congress and begin the process for approval.

According Paiz, the proposal was drafted by the Ministry of Finance, the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) and Pronacom.

Reviews and proposals
During the forum, entrepreneurs expressed their dissatisfaction with the high cost of logistics and lack of coordination in customs.

Paiz said that logistics costs account for 24 percent of the total cost of the goods being transported, while the export sector is said that more than 40 percent were dissatisfied with the figures presented by the Pronacom.

Fanny D. Estrada, director of Competitiveness of Guatemalan Exporters Association, said the costs increase by inefficiencies at ports and airports. “The new customs law only solves the problem a bit,” he said.

July Yon, president of the Council of International Transport Users Guatemala (Cutrigua), said the forum aims to define a strategic plan.

Paiz said that was formed four working groups which will address the issues: the cost of logistics, road infrastructure and customs.

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