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No Vacancy! 2012 Maya Festival Sells Out Guatemalan Hotels

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Those wanting a hotel room in Guatemala near the Mayan city of Tikal, Peten, for the festivities of December 21, a significant date in the Mayan calendar, are out of luck as all rooms are booked full.

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Reservations at Hotels Sell out for Festivities from 13 Baktun

The director of the National Institute of Tourism (Inguat), Pedro Duchez, said more than 95 percent of hotel rooms are occupied, tours and air tickets sold reserved. “Interest continues to grow as we approach the December 21″ said.

This activity, which will be held on 20 and 21 December next, is organized by the Guatemalan government with the aim of bringing together the world’s most creative minds and leading representatives of the different civilizations of mankind together for the new era predicted by Mayans.

According to the Mayan Long Count calendar, the day begins a new cycle of five thousand two hundred years called Baktun 13, indigenous priests and spiritual leaders and scholars of that civilization, interpreted as a new era of significant change for humanity.

In the list of world figures that the government has invited to attend the world summit include Canadian singer Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen American composer, the Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, the English composer Elton John, the Irish rock band U2, and band of brothers Jackson, among others.

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