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President-Elect of Guatemala Calls Out Current President on Corruption, Points Out Last Minute Deals

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The future president of Guatemala, President-elect Otto Perez. has issued harsh corruption accusations against many current government agencies and employees. Specifically targeting last minute contracts and purchases made by the current government, he says these acts amount to no more than lining current governmental employee’s pockets.

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Original Article Text From Estrategia y Negocios via Google Translate :

Contradictions Arise in the Transition Process in Guatemala

Towards the end of Guatemala’s transition process between the Government and elected officials, accusations of the latter caused an immediate reaction of rejection by the executive.

The future president, Otto Perez Molina, publicly launched harsh accusations about the existence of corruption in various government agencies.

He referred to purchases and contracts last minute may be declared harmful when it assumes power, the new administration on January 14 next.

Specifically, he and his vicemandataria elected, Roxana Baldetti claimed to have detected abnormal situations in ministries such as Education, Health and Welfare and the Interior and the Department of Administrative and Security Affairs. There is corruption and bad faith, he said, adding that the process of transition has not been transparent because ministers appointed not have received all required information to current employees.

Given these statements, the government stepped in with a categorical refusal to clarify that the contracts and payments are normal within the public administration.

The contradictions were manifested further regarding Perez Molina claimed by restrictions on the delivery of information during the handover process, carried out by teams from both sides and whose completion is scheduled for the next day 15.

In a statement, the Government explains how the president-elect’s position is far from that held by the ministers appointed, who showed a friendly attitude and received everything requested in the many meetings held.

Either way, according to authorities, the transition has not yet concluded and future officials may request any information deemed relevant.

A similar response to the press gave the Secretary of Social Communication of the Presidency, Ronaldo Robles, who expressed surprise at such accusations, which also repudiated.

The technical equipment of the institutions have to provide all information requested by the ministers appointed, the transition process has been cordial, reaffirmed Robles.

Moreover, the issue of qualified contracts for future presidents anomalous reiterated that correspond to a government yet to complete its work period.

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