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Pristine Beaches in Guatemala Lack Visitors Due to Poor Access

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The public beach of Puerto San José, Escuintla, is annually the largest influx of tourists in the country, especially during Lent and Easter, but there is a lack of adequate infrastructure and services for visitors, so business representatives, social leaders, authorities and neighbors are preparing to implement a sustainable development program.

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Tourism Development Stagnates

Francisco Rufino Robles, president of the neighborhood Community Development Labyrinth-beachfront-, said that one obstacle to development is the ungovernability of residents, traders and authorities.

As an example, said the merchants set up rudimentary huts on the beach opposite the Miramar neighborhood, as close as possible to the sea. “There are people originally from here, but invade the public beach and affect local businesses with the complicity of authorities,” he explained.

He said that in the neighborhood Labyrinth neighbors did not allow this type of invasion.

He criticized the lack of concern of local authorities to encourage tourism.

The previous government built on the beach towers innovative body jackets, ranches, a walking area for caminamiento with bike path and installed lighting. “He handed the project to the municipality, but this does not maintain, so that the infrastructure is damaged,” said Robles.

The chronicler Bernardo Solar said that we must begin with the construction and maintenance of better roads, for in the form asuetos huge rows of vehicles.

Samayoa Solomon, manager of the Hotel Costa Verde, said that it is necessary to reengineer the site, with the participation of sectors involved with the care of visitors.

He noted the need to slice up the social economic segments of the place, ie to determine, in a harmonious and sustainable, the residential, industrial, commercial and tourism.

Another task is to restrict the traffic of freight vehicles to minimize traffic jams. This proposal is shared by the capital Julián Guevara, who related that is an ordeal to get to the beach.

Guevara emphasized that another problem is the lack of security, which is necessary for people to be confident.

Esmeralda Alvarez, visitor, said there needs to order, as traders take over the public beach and want to charge for everything. He added that install on the beach shacks made from scrap cloth and nylon, which affects the decoration and printing carried tourists, especially foreigners.

Samayoa stated that all is not lost, and that there is time for local and central governments join forces to drive the necessary mechanisms, both infrastructure and training for those engaged in tourism have the tools to achieve sustainable development.

Mayor Jorge Rizo said he began to address the development of the municipality, and has future plans to promote tourism.

He stated that he has contacted foreign institutions who want to invest on the beach, but declined to mention. “It is planning to make a dock for yachts to dock, so that tourists can get in a comfortable and safe, but for these projects will need government support,” he said.

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