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Tourists Spending Less Time and Money in Guatemala

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Visitor’s to Guatemala are not staying very long, since 2008 the average tourists stays in country are only 6.5 days. While there, they spend an average of U.S. $91.7o, says the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism.

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Foreign tourists who Visit Guatemala Spend Less Money

The survey was conducted between June 2010 and May 2011 and released yesterday by the Inguat. The results reflect low U.S. $ 12.3 per person per day and fewer days of 1.20 recorded in the survey of the first half of 2010.

The amount of average expenditure is the lowest since 2008 to date, years in which over U.S. $ 100, while the stay is the second lowest, after which in 2009 was reported in 5.6 days, according to different studies Inguat.

Chaverri Francisco, head of research and market analysis Inguat said that the decline in foreign exchange you should be analyzed, while Eladio Loriente, project manager Araldi company that developed the survey, along with Sigma-Multivex, said that could due to global economic problems, stemming from the crisis in Europe.

Chaverri added that tourism has been affected in the year for different weather.
In May and June last, there was a decline in visitor arrivals over the impact of the slaughter of 27 people in Petén, which generated a travel warning in several countries.

For strata. The report also included an analysis of expenditure by strata. This reflects that those who come for work and business, and who come to spend more conferences and conventions, as their average disbursements reach U.S. $ 220 per day.

They are followed by leisure, spending $ 155 a day per person, and those who come to health treatments in about $ 110 per day.

The stay also varies; who come for study are about 11 days in the country, while those who come to visit friends and relatives of different reasons are eight days. Those who come to Congress and conventions are about four days.
Lorient also explained that information crosses are made, but the greater number of visitors are from El Salvador, followed by the United States and Europe, these are the ones who have the highest daily average expenditure.

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