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We Really Didn’t Like You! 95% of Guatemalans Do Not Like Exiting Administration

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A whopping 95.83% of Guatemalans do not like the exiting president Alvaro Colom nor his administration. A polling of the countries citizens show a high failure rate in public safety, lowering crime rates, as well as a growing its economy. President Alvaro Colom is scheduled to hand over power on January 14, 2012 to retired Gen. Otto Perez.

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President Colom is dismissed with Almost Total Condemnation

The president of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom, who on January 14 will transfer the charge to his successor, retired Gen. Otto Perez, will leave the presidency with an almost total condemnation, according to a survey released today by the influential newspaper “Prensa Libre”.

“The 95.83% Colom management fails,” the newspaper front-page headline in its Monday edition, based on a telephone survey conducted by his method of “free vote”, and which involved 17,320 calls, of 16,598 which qualified as “bad” the government of current President.

The newspaper also devoted three inside pages, the first of its national news section, to analyze, based on analysts interpreting the results of the survey “free vote” which, he explained, was held for four days through Sure telecommunications company, whose system received 22,847 calls.

Political analysts consulted by Prensa Libre said the first factor of the low popularity of Colombia are the unfulfilled promises on the issue of public safety, the high rates of crime and criminality that, far from diminishing, are increasing in Guatemala.

Other analysts also attributed a poor performance in social and economic aspects. The academic and former member of the Monetary Board Manuel Perez said that “public investment was very poor, poor, and increased operating expenditures and debt.”

“Discourages production maquilas and other firms left the country” as well as that “nothing was done” with the micro, small and medium enterprises, sentencvió Perez.

Colom took office after winning the 2007 elections, defeating General Perez elected president in 2011 elections.

In 2007 Perez was about to reverse the full advantage of Colombia, who was running for a third time as a candidate for president of Guatemala, by offering “strong hand” against crime. At the last minute managed to hold slightly Colom your favorite condition to obtain the electoral victory based on a speech proclaiming that “crime is fought with intelligence.”

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