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Where is the Money? Streets Continue to Degrade in Antigua Despite Millions Spent

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Guatemala’s colonial city of Antigua is pocketed with deteriorated streets that swim in a state of neglect and more importantly do not reflect the maintenance budget allocated for their repair. Drivers suffer from daily bumps, car damage, and it’s not the best way to impress tourists, said representatives of social organizations and the tourism sector of the colonial city.

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Original Article Text From Prensa Libre, Guatemala via Google Translate :

Some residents and drivers say they are tired of the poor condition of streets and avenues, and authorities did not push a specific solution to this problem. The municipal treasury, through the Office of Public Affairs, reported that every year millions are spent Q4 753 000 468 for the road maintenance program, broken down in the purchase of materials, payment of salaries, bonuses and bonuses to 150 employees.

Asmaj Manuel de Jesus, secretary general of the Union of Municipal Workers of Antigua Guatemala, said that the budget for the road network is poorly targeted, as there is a payroll for 170 employees in maintenance, but only work on the streets between 20 and 30 people.

“The problem we noticed is that the alleged contract workers are paid per square meter the pavement, which results in poor quality work, then put the mixture in the drawers, and then fill them with stones that sink when begins to circulate the heavy traffic, “said Asmaj.

Neighbors recommend that the district monitor and manage a quality standard in the repair of streets, as workers have indicated that not assigned sufficient and appropriate material, which is reflected in shoddy work.

Leonel Azurdia, of the Union of Tour Operators and Tourist Transport Sacatepéquez said the poor condition of streets results from the lack of technical supervision and training in the use and calibration of equipment.

He added that without being a professional in the field can be assessed that the mixture used is of low quality, because after a week of re-placed impair the streets.

“The investment that is not shown in the work, so it should be investigated, because the damage to the pavement affect tourism and, therefore, in our economy,” he said Azurdia.

Cause of Accidents
The deterioration of the streets is also reflected in the vehicle damage and accidents, as the case of Juan Figueroa, who fell from his motorcycle in front of the Santa Rosa Park, because of a pothole.

Daniel Arias, an officer of the Old Volunteer Fire Department, said the poor condition of the streets has left nearly 20 people injured in a month, mostly pedestrians and motorcyclists, who dodge or cross streets have fallen and fractured.

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