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$19 Million Expansion at the Roatan Airport in Honduras

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As tourism increases to the Islas de la Bahia area, Aeropuertos de Honduras, operators of the Roatan airport, announced a $19 million dollar expansion project.

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The modernization program of the airport of Roatan, in the island region of Honduras, an investment of 19 million dollars over the next five years.
So yesterday unveiled what executives of Airports of Honduras to business organizations and municipal authorities of that country’s island town.
During the grant of the air terminal -2000/2020-, the investment will add 800 million lempiras.
The $ 19 million will begin to be implemented from next year.
Airports in Honduras, which was represented by its President Fredy Nasser, explained to the scope of the project investment and modernization, as well as short-, medium and long term.
Investment in Airport “Juan Manuel Galvez” focuses on the extension of 3.000 square meters of the terminal building, new air conditioning system, repair of runway, expanding aircraft parking platform reconstructions commercial and track margins.
After learning the details provided by Fredy Nasser and other executives of Airports of Honduras, entrepreneurs and city officials agreed that economic creciemiento Bay Islands requires the modernization of airport facilities and the support of Congress for improvements are realized.
In addition to domestic flights offered by Central American Airways, Aerolineas Sosa, Islander Airlines, Airlines and Lanshan CM, Roatan operate several international airlines: Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, TACA and Air ITALY, and charter companies that fly between them Orizonia.
The length of the runway “Juan Manuel Galvez” Roatan is 2.240 meters.

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