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2012 Doomsday Tourism Campaign of Honduras

Article Summary:

Is the end of the world a reason to travel to Honduras? The Ministry of Tourism thinks so. They are hoping the Mayan prophecies of 2012 will entice as many tourists as possible to Copán, one of their most impressive Mayan archaeological sites, during the 2012 travel season.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Honduras

Original Article Text From La Prensa, Honduras via Google Translate:

Promote Tourism of Copán
4:28 pm – Writing: redaccion@laprensa.hn
The Ministry of Tourism promotes international trade fairs in the category at Copán as a destination of next year.

Copan, Honduras

This time, the Mayan archaeological site promotion was done in the framework of the Central American Travel Market 2011, held last week in Panama.

As anticipated before the press in May, the authorities’ intention is to harness the interest they have aroused the Mayan prophecies that talk about the end of an era in December 2012. With this hook is to attract as many tourists as possible to one of the most impressive Mayan archaeological sites.

With this concept, the Ministry of Tourism set up a booth Copan alluding to the fair, which attracted thousands of companies and potential tourists from Europe and America.

The minister, Nelly Jerez, said the fair is “an opportunity to promote our attractions, and we are particularly interested in attracting the attention of Copán 2012, an event that has attracted worldwide interest.”
Earlier this month the site was also promoted at the fair in Rimini, Italy, a market of particular interest because one weekly flight to Roatan come with Italian tourists could be attracted to visit the highlights of the Mayan culture.

According to the authorities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Copán Ruinas, the goal is that next year can receive between 200,000 and 250,000 tourists, mainly from Europe, although this urge improvements in connectivity to the site.

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From La Prensa, Honduras via Google Translate

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